Saskatchewan Prairie Hockey LeagueSaskatchewan Prairie Hockey League


Saskatchewan Prairie Hockey League Constitution
Code Of Ethics:
The SPHL is a “working man's” league. The players can expect to play one day and show up for work the next day.
The SPHL is more important then any individual team. While each team wishes to win, a team cannot take actions that are a detriment to the league or undermine the league.
The SPHL executive(s) must be shown respect even when a league ruling goes against a particular team.
The SPHL is interested in having a competitive league and will work towards parity between the various teams.
The SPHL is interested in the viability of each team and promoting senior hockey in each league community.
1.01 NAME
The organization shall be known as the "Saskatchewan Prairie Hockey League", hereinafter referred to as the "League"
1.02 Objectives
The objectives of the League shall be to control, improve and foster amateur hockey in the area, which it embraces, within the framework of the Saskatchewan Hockey Association hereinafter referred to as the "SHA".
1.03 Membership
1) Full/Voting Member
a. Members who hold a franchise in the League and who have paid all league fees, dues and performance bonds shall be full members.
b. Full members enjoy all privileges of the League and have full voting rights. Each team gets one vote.
2) Probationary Members
a. A new member may be granted a probationary franchise, by majority vote of the League Governors.
b. Probationary members shall enjoy all privileges of a full member including the right to vote except at the Annual Meeting.
c. After two years a probationary member can become a full member with a simple majority vote of the League Governors.
d. New applications for a league franchise must be made to the League President in writing by August 31.
e. Any team receiving a leave of absence from the League does not receive a vote.
1.04 Fees and Performance Bond
a) The League fees including SHA certification fees will be set at the fall annual meeting, or at any meeting deemed necessary by the President, or designate.
b) The League Performance Bond will be $300.00. The League Fee will be $200.00 for the first year and $100.00 each year after. The League Bond and League Fee must be into the League before any games can be played. Each team bond may be used by the league in the case of any non payments/outstanding fines by the team whom submitted the bond. If such case happens, the team in question must pay the league the balance of the bond in full before being permitted to play another game and pay any additional fine the President may impose.
2.01 League Officer
a) The League Officers shall consist of a President, and one Vice-President. Officers will hold office for a two year term. The President will be elected at the fall annual meeting.
The President shall appoint the Secretary-Treasurer, one or two jobs, and a Statistician. They will have no voting rights.
b) Each centre will provide a Vice-President if no such person independent from any team accepts the position for the league on a rotational basis as determined by the League Governors. Failure to comply will result in a $500.00 fine.
Rotation shall be as follows:
#1 Radisson
#2 Battleford
#3 Maymont
#4 Glaslyn
#5 Perdue
#6 Hafford
#7 Cut Knife
#8 Spiritwood
#9 Shellbrook
#10 Meota
#11 Edam
c) Board of Governors
1) The Board of Governors of the League, hereinafter called the League Governors, shall consist of the President, Vice-President and one Governor appointed by each team. The League Governors are the League's Supreme body.
2) Each team, though it's Governor shall have one vote. (in the absence of the Team Governor his designated alternate shall vote for him.)
3) The President shall only vote in case of a tie. (Vice-President does not have a vote)
4) In the event of a vacancy, the Governors may waive Article 2:01.03 and appoint a Team Governor to act as a temporary President or Vice-President. This appointment shall carry the full authority of the office until the next fall annual meeting.
d) Founding Fathers
1) Wade Schmidt, Troy Rookes and Brett Michnik, hereinafter called the League Founding Fathers, are the League's Supreme body in deciding the “Player Black List” and the “Special Class” Player ratio and/or any other decisions regarding “Special Class” Players. The Board of Governors or League Officers cannot change the status or duties of the Founding Fathers in any way.
2) The Founding Fathers retain their status for duration of the League’s existence and have the authorization to appoint a person of their choice if they should choose to no longer be involved in the league.
3.01 Annual Meeting:
.01 The annual meeting of the Board of Governors shall be held on the third Wednesday of September of each year or when scheduled. The location will be designated by the President and each club shall receive due notice.
.02. The League Governors shall at the annual meeting:
a. Award full membership to probationary members pursuant to s. 1.03(2)(c).

b. The League Governors may choose to extend probationary membership to a club for an additional year.)

c. Elect a President and appoint the Vice-President at the annual meeting (every second year or as required herein).

d. Amendments to the constitution can be made at the annual meeting or a specially called meeting with 30 days notice. All constitutional changes required a 2/3 majority vote. Anything not covered by this constitution or bylaws shall be guided by the constitution and bylaws of the SHA or CHA.

e. Conduct other business of the Board of Governors as the President or the Governors deem necessary.
4.01 Duties and Powers of the President:
.01. The President shall have the power to represent any or all of the League Governors on any occasion, and will be responsible to the governors for the same. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall have powers of the President in every respect.
.02. To call meetings of the League Governors whenever necessary or at the request of any three Governors in writing.
.03. To give a full report to the SHA Executive Director regarding any suspensions of hockey clubs, managers, coaches, players, referee, or any other officials.
.04. To deal with business of a minor nature, not needing the decision of the League Governors.
.05. To appoint a Secretary-Treasurer and a Statistician.
.06. The President or his designate shall have sole authority to determine the suitability of playing conditions of ice during League and Play-off Games.
.07. To chair all meetings of the League Governors and League Officers.
.08. To enforce all fines and use his discretion pertaining to the enforcement of such fines.
4.02 Duties of The Secretary/Treasurer.
.01. To record all minutes of the League Officers and Governor's meetings, record all receipts, and payments, deposit all monies in a bank of the League's choice, pay all accounts of the League as they come due and as directed by the President.
.02. To send notices of all meetings to The League Governors or Officers as directed by the President.
.03. To supply at League expense a copy of the constitution, score sheets, players cards, minutes, etc. and other correspondence necessary to carry on League business.
.04. To forward to the SHA a current copy of the League constitution.
.05. To supply a financial statement for the fall annual meeting.
4.03 Duties of the League Statistician:
.01. To keep accurate statistics on all teams and players in the League on a weekly basis and to provide this information on the league website.

.02. To maintain the league website entirely including updating notice of league meetings and/or news.
4.04 Duties and Power of League Officers:
.01. To deal with and rule on all protests.
.02. To assess fines, suspensions, or expulsion from the League of any club, manager, coach, player, referee or other official refusing to accept or comply with the rules of the League or for foul play or unfair or unsportsmanlike conduct, individually or collectively at any place where hockey is being played or at any meeting.
.03. To rule when a team and player have a dispute.
4.05 Duties and Powers of the Board of Governors:
.01. To conduct the business of the League at annual meetings and as required during the hockey season.
.02. To admit new members to a probationary franchise by majority vote.
.03. To admit probationary members to full membership in accordance with Articles 1 and 2.
.04. To readmit or reinstate, by majority vote any club, coach, manager, player, or referee under suspension, upon application by such club or person in accordance with appeal procedure set out in article 6.
.05. To suspend or revoke by a majority vote, ANY TEAM FRANCHISE OR PLAYER, that employs on a consistent basis dirty tactics designed to injure and/or intimidate players of other teams.
.06. To act as sole custodian of all League trophies and be sole judge as to where trophies will be stored and maintained, to accept or refuse or purchase new trophies as deem desirable.
.07. League voting can be done by secret ballot when it is requested.
5.01 Protests:
.01. The League Officers will only entertain protests dealing with points arising from the rules and regulations or the constitution.
.02. Protest and all supporting evidence thereof must be in duplicate signed by the President of the protesting club, and counter signed by the club manager. The protest should be forwarded to the League President postmarked within 24 hours of the advertised time of the game protested, together with a deposit of $200.00 which will be forfeited to the League if the protest is not upheld. A further copy of the protest, duly signed must be forwarded to the club being protested against by fax within 24 hours of the game.
.03. The club protested against will have 24 hours from the receipt of a protest in which to file a defence, along with a deposit of $200.00 and it will be forfeited to a league if the protest is up-held.
.04. The President or appointee may attend games to find some proof.
6.01 Appeals:
.01. An appeals committee consisting of the President or Vice-President plus two non-involved league governors will hear appeals of League Officer's rulings. A deposit of $200.00 will accompany an appeal. It will be retained by the League if the appeal is unsuccessful.
.02. The Appeals Committee may readmit or reinstate any club, manager, coach, player or official suspended or reduce or increase the suspensions and/or fines thereof.
.03. Officials (referees, linesmen and minor officials) appealing a suspension need only write the President and his appeal will be heard at the next League Governor's meeting.

.04. Procedure:
a. The president will present the League Officer's ruling to the Appeals Committee along with all pertinent information.
b. The appealing club or official will present their case.
c. The League Governors alone will by majority vote decide the results of the appeal.
.05. Decisions of the Appeals Committee may be appealed to the SHA.
7.01 League Games:
.01. All clubs of the League must be aware that their priority in any game they may contemplate playing or competitions they may consider entering is to the playing schedule of the league. The league shall be deemed more important than other games. Cancellations must be reported to the President immediately.
.02. Postponement of scheduled games, whether in league or play-offs, must be arranged between the clubs concerned at least 48 hours before the scheduled game time, and the President must be notified immediately by fax and/or phone of postponement and rescheduling.
.03 Any cancelled league game must be played by the end of the season and a new game date must be placed with the league within one week from the time of cancellation. Non compliance with the one week deadline will result in a $50.00 fine to both teams. Within 72 hours the home team will name two dates to reschedule the postponed game. The visiting team will then have 48 hours to select one of these dates. If one team will not agree, the President will select the date (and place if necessary), and order the game played.
.04. Any team or teams found to be at fault for missing a game deadline (season or play-off), may be fined $500.00.
.05. Any team postponing a scheduled league game in order to participate in an EXHIBITION or other game whether at home or away from home, shall forfeit their bond to the League, unless mutually agreed by both teams.
.06. Any or all clubs not finishing the schedule on the assigned dates for the year's schedule will be subject to a fine of $500.00. This may only be altered for reasons such as long term inclement weather, etc. and will be decided by the President. This includes dates for both regular season and playoffs.
.07. All score sheets must be faxed to the statistician by noon of the day following the game. Failure to do so carries a $25.00 fine.
.08. The original score sheets must be mailed to the league president and postmarked within in 48 hours after a game excluding Saturday and Sunday. A team will be fined $25.00 for late game sheets.
8.01 Tied Game:
.01. In League Play-offs, SHA rules pertaining to overtime periods will be followed.
.02. During the regular season if a game is tied a five minute, four on four sudden death shall be played. If the game is still tied there will be a three man shootout with the visiting team shooting first. If still tied, a sudden death shootout shall occur.
.03. During the play-offs if a game is tied a ten minute sudden death shall be played. If the game remains tied, the players shall rest and twenty minute sudden death periods shall ensue until a winner is determined
9.01 Rules and Regulations:
.01. With exception of those rules and regulations specifically mentioned and covered here, the SHA rules and regulations shall prevail in their entirety.
.02. Team Complement: Each team may sign up to 25 players not including affiliates.
.03. No additions will be added to the player's list after the cut-off date with the exception of goalies for one injured and prevented from playing.
.04. Injury to a goalie, application together with a doctor's certificate should be made to the League President who can authorize a replacement.
.05. All registered players and affiliates will be eligible for play-offs who have played no less than 3 league games in the season immediately prior to the current play-offs.
.06. The team must dress a minimum of 10 players for all games, unless both teams agree to the amount of players being dressed prior to the game. Failure to comply will result in a $300.00 fine.
.08. “Special Class” Players: Teams have the authority to sign players from any centre. A team is allowed to have 3 “Special Class” players playing on the team.
.09. The following players: Todd Heck (Battleford Beaver Blues) will not be considered “Special Class” players”. Once the above noted players stop playing for one year or have been removed from their indicated teams roster, their special status is void. Status may be void if player fails to adhere to the Leagues Code of Ethics.
.10. “Special Class” players must provide picture ID to the opposing team if players identity is in question. “Special Class” players will not be permitted to play if identity cannot be proved.
.11. No more than one team shall be allowed to play out of one center without prior approval of the Governors.
10.01 Registration of Players:
.01. All players must be certified on an SHA Certification Form before they may play. (this is necessary for insurance purposes.) A copy of this form must be in the President’s possession prior to the first league game. (PLAYERS MAY NOT PLAY UNTIL THEY ARE CERTIFIED.)
.02. Players may be added to the Certification list by sending or faxing the name, address, birth date and previous team to the SHA. A copy must be forwarded to the President and Statistician.
.03. All signed player cards must be in the hands of the President by Jan. 10. No players can be added after this date. All player cards and lists must be filled out properly or the player will be classified as ineligible.
.04. A player in the league cannot hold a players card in another league except with special executive approval. (eg. to represent Saskatchewan in special events such as the Allan Cup).
.05. A player who has played 35 games or more junior “A”, College and/or professional hockey will be classified as a “Special Class” player.
.06. Teams will not be permitted to have more than 3 “Special Class” players including goalies.
.07. Teams will not be permitted to add/delete the same “Special Class” player throughout the season. Once a “Special Class” player has been deleted from the roster, that player will not be allowed to be placed back on the roster for the remaining season.
.08. All “Special Class” players will be reviewed each year by the executives. These players will be reviewed the President and will not be permitted to play any game until the President and/or Team Governors has approved the player.
.08.a. If a player playing in the league is found to be ineligible, every game that he played will be considered a loss for the team.
.08.b. The team who plays an ineligible player maybe fined $200.00 and the coach will be suspended for three games. If a second offence occurs then the coach shall be suspended for the rest of the season.
.08.c. The player(s) can be suspended pending an investigation; all proof must be presented to the offending team (names, documents, etc.).
.10 Any player with a signed players card and is played by a team in the league must remain with that team for the current season unless approved by the executive.
.11 Any player registered to a team by the provision of player cards on January 10 of the preceding year shall require a waiver from the team registered to play for a different team within the League the following year.
.12 Any team refusing to provide a waiver will forfeit 1 player spot on their allowable 25 man roster per refused waiver.
.13 The following players are not eligible to be signed by any SPHL team until removed from what is referred to as “the Black List”

- List is available upon request

11.01 Fines:
.01. All teams are required to have a representative at all league meetings. Failure to send a representative will carry a $100.00 fine.
.02. Any team failing to return a game for whatever the reason may become liable to a fine of $500 payable to the league and a possible forfeit of bond money. The money must be paid before the offending team can play another game, be it league or playoff. Referee and linesmen will be paid regular fees if not notified.
.03. All player and teams fines must be paid before that team plays its next game. If a team fails to do so an additional fine or fines shall be added. All team fines shall be taken out of the performance bond and the bond must be replenished within 48 hours.
12.01 Penalties:
.01. Any player or team official receiving a MATCH penalty during the course of a game will receive an indefinite suspension until he is dealt with by the League Officers.
.02. Minimum suspensions for Match Penalties shall be as outlined under section 3.07.02 of the SHA handbook. Players will serve these minimum suspensions and be eligible to play unless otherwise indicated by the president. Upon reviewing the case the League Officers may suspend the offender for additional games.
.03. As per S.H.A. handbook a checking from behind or checking to the head major will draw a minimum of one (1) game suspension. A MATCH penalty for checking from behind or checking to the head will be a minimum 4 game suspension. If injury results, the injured player's team will provide the president with a doctor's certificate and further suspensions will be assessed.
.04. A player receiving his third checking from behind or checking to the head minor penalty will receive a one (1) game suspension.
.05. Any player who receives three game misconducts shall be suspended for 1 game and fined $25.00. If a player receives a second series of three games he gets 2 games and $50.00, a third set is 3 games and $100.00. The executive has the power to review a player's conduct after the second and third series and may impose a performance bond. If a player plays five consecutive games without a misconduct then he shall have all game misconducts removed from his record.
.06. Suspensions carry over into the play-offs and into the next season. All suspensions shall be verbal followed by written notice or fax.

13.01 Regular Season Games:
.01. A schedule will be drawn up at the league scheduling meeting to be held on the second Wednesday in October or when meeting is scheduled.
.02. At the scheduling meeting all teams must bring a minimum number of weekend dates to correspond with the number of weekends available for the regular season play, with appropriate ice times consistent with SPHL policy. Failure to provide these dates will result in a $500.00 fine.
.03. The playing schedule will be inspected, discussed and approved by all clubs prior to the start of the season. After which there will be no further alterations except in exceptional circumstances.
.04. The playing format of the league play and play-offs will be set at every fall meeting.
14.01 Play-off Positions:
.01 Play-off positions will be decided strictly in accordance with the procedure determined at the fall meeting. The fall meeting shall decide the number of teams in the play-offs and the number of games to be played in each round.
.02. The play-off format shall be done before the season begins.
.03. The League Officers shall have the right to vary the length of series if weather conditions make this necessary or desirable.
15.01 League Trophies:
.01. All league trophies are the property of the league and remain in the hands of the league. Players who receive these trophies get to keep only the keeper trophies (if available). The team awarded the CO-OP Cup from the previous year may keep the trophy on display at their home rink for the duration of the regular season and must return it to the league by the start of play-offs.

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